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Why SiliconAndhra Gurukulam?

SiliconAndhra is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit, non-political, non-religious, cultural and community organization based in the Silicon Valley (Bay Area), California. The purpose of the organization is to serve the community through cultural and charity work. The organization strives to promote, preserve and perpetuate the unique Indian culture, literature and traditions of India and strives to instill the value system in the community.

SiliconAndhra always strives to bring greatest art forms of yester years and combine them with modern forms of presentation. One of the key objectives of SiliconAndhra is to educate the kids born and raised in US and the youth migrated to US, about the rich cultural heritage of India. Art, music, dance, language, poetry, traditions and family values are the greatest values of Indian heritage. SiliconAndhra is committed to raise the awareness of Indian culture among the denizens of US and integrate it seamlessly with the mainstream US culture.

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SiliconAndhra Gurukulam makes music learning fun and easy with its interactive online state-of-the-art video training system.

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Every session with your guru is created just for you. Your personal guru will help you the way you need it.

How Does SiliconAndhra Gurukulam Work?

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